Healthcare Marketing
Summer Barcamp 2021

Rethinkinghealthcare marketing

The virtual Healthcare Marketing Barcamp is the creative meeting place for decision-makers and experts from pharmaceutical and medical technology companies who want to advance healthcare marketing communication.

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Insights into typical topics.

Agility: An important trend or just a buzzword?
What will digital medical training look like in the future?
Digital event formats: What is appropriate in these times?
Change management: How do new marketing initiatives gain acceptance?
Exchange of experience
Augmented Reality in Marketing?
Does influencer marketing also work in the healthcare sector?
How can creativity work in highly hierarchical organisations?
How must the MarCom team of the future be set up?
How do you manage to keep the team spirit high despite purely digital communication?
Exchange of experience
How well do virtual AdBoardswork ?
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Thank you very much, a benchmark for digital workshops, very inspiring. Also in terms of format and implementation. You did a great job!

Great cinema! My three hashtags #fun have #discovering #new #runs definitely overachieved! I'm going back to my everyday work with a lot of good impulses. Thanks to the great organisation!

Mega - Barcamp is only half over and already a 200% positive experience.

Great exchange, great thoughts, even critical ones, super open, respectful interaction, fun and broadens the horizon.

Top organisation & exchange. Gladly again ;-)

Amazing sense of group / closeness despite digitality.

It was super fun, I took away valuable impulses.

Thank you for the initiative, the idea and the sensational implementation. I'm taking a lot away with me.

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The virtual Healthcare Marketing Barcamp is the meeting place for decision-makers and experts from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Please confirm your industry affiliation when registering. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

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We are looking forward to an
inspiring Barcamp.

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