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CSL Behring

Product competence begins with enthusiasm

// Projektart //

Internal communication

// Marketingziel //

Competence building

The target groups for the launch of a new product are not only to be found outside the company, but also inside. Especially new products, with new functions or mechanisms of action, must be publicised and explained internally. In the best case, enthusiasm and the desire to communicate and sell the new product externally arise.

The goal of our client CSL Behring was to prepare the launch of AFSTYLA® – a drug for haemophilia A patients – in an emotional and attention-grabbing way. The target of the communication: all CSL Behring employees worldwide.

Our approach

An emotional film that shows the everyday challenges of haemophilia A patients and that focuses on the mode of action and patient benefits of AFSTYLA®.

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

Our information film was shown internally – and generated enthusiasm for the new product as well as anticipation for the launch. The film also laid the foundation for broad product expertise within the company.

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