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Sales support

// Marketing goal //

Contact efficiency

You know how it is - the sales force always needs new content. To be more precise: new, relevant, and also entertaining content that makes it easy to address customers. For its first birthday after the market launch, an entertaining idea was created for the migraine medication Aimovig®, which could be sent to the target group of doctors by email and which would offer the sales force an unusual reason to talk.

Our approach

The marketing objective was to bring the spotlight back to Aimovig®, and get doctors to check the latest data through the sales force or via the website. The main content was to highlight that Aimovig®, although only one year old, offers much more than initially perceived, with a total of 4.5 years of study experience.

For licensing reasons, the video unfortunately does not contain any sound.

When it comes to migraines, there are numerous patients who process their suffering through poetry. We decided to utlize this idea by writing a rap song using modernized language that describes the course of a patient's illness and discreetly repeats the distinguishing features of Aimovig®.

// Why we're proud //

The result

Paired with the hook, "young but mighty", and real graffiti - in front of which the rap was performed - a modern birthday rap video with a graffiti drop-off card was created. This forms the basis for sales' field calls and was sent out on the actual 'birthday' via email to all opt in target customers.

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