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ARTIS pheno


Siemens Healthineers

Structure and partnership as the key to success

// Projektart //

Product launch

// Marketingziel //

Product differentiation

The ARTIS pheno from Siemens Healthineers is a pioneering imaging system for minimally invasive procedures. The system was developed to enable the treatment of all patients - regardless of constitution, weight and positioning requirements. The professional community should know about this - with an international campaign for the market launch.

Our approach

We developed the product positioning "As individual as your patients" as the basis for the campaign. With this claim as a guiding principle, we showed in the context of integrated communication how doctors can master different challenges in their daily routine with ARTIS pheno. No matter how demanding the patient or the procedure: ARTIS pheno delivers the right images.

The path to product positioning and campaign concept was clear and structured: based on a specially designed process, we developed the positioning and target formats together with the Siemens Healthineers team in a series of workshops.

And this is what it looks like: the ARTIS-pheno launch trailer ...

... and many other formats such as advertisements, brochures, give-aways, mailings, online banners, detail videos, presentations, cover stories for customer magazines, and websites.

Our customer's conclusion:

"For us, the structured, partnership-based work, especially in the positioning phase, as well as the clearly defined target formats from the very beginning were the key to success. As a result, we as a company-agency team succeeded in managing this ambitious project in a period of only around four months – and with results that are really something to behold."
Anja Dyck, Global Senior Marketing Communications Manager Siemens Healthineers

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

A fresh visual language, a clearly differentiated product, a complete set of high-quality sales materials – and all this in record time. We are proud of our process and implementation expertise, which made this great result possible in cooperation with our customers.

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