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Advent calendar


Boehringer Ingelheim

An Advent calendar that keeps pneumologists and cardiologists guessing

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Customer retention

Every year, Advent calendars offer treats and surprises to their owners, be they children, oncologists, diabetologists, pulmonologists, or cardiologists. That's right, medical target groups also like daily surprises and puzzles during the Christmas season.

For the product portal www.boehringer-interaktiv.de, we were looking for the perfect idea for our omnichannel advertising campaign, which is aimed at doctors from five different indication areas. A fun centrepiece that generates valuable traffic and new registrations.

Our approach

A medical Advent calendar that puts doctors' medical expertise to the test and triggers a donation for each puzzle solved. In addition, each participant receives a nice surprise as a small thank you and is redirected to selected articles on the advertised website.

The campaign around this core idea has been running for four years already – always for two- or three-months during Christmas season. It uses several channels – from online measures, such as the company's own newsletter or paid media, to a robot-written print card and online and offline materials for the sales force.

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

Several thousand submitted solutions, many hundreds of participating physicians from all disciplines, numerous new registrations for the portal and many brand contacts with the Boehringer Interaktiv product portal.

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