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Digital Health City


Siemens Healthineers

A city provides topics of conversation

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At congresses or trade fairs, new products from our clients - such as CTs or MRIs - receive a lot of attention and consideration due to their size and presence on site. In 2019, we were commissioned by our client Siemens Healthineers to also attractively stage their digital products and solutions at an international congress - primarily with the aim of drawing the attention of trade fair visitors to the digital offering.

Our approach

Together with our client, we developed the Digital Health City for this purpose. The Digital Health City we designed consists of 13 different types of buildings - from the central hospital to the specialist to the patient's home.

The sleek, white model was 3D printed and placed on a large table with streets milled into it. The Digital Health City comes to life when explored with the AR application on one of the four iPads attached to the sides of the model.

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The result

We have thus achieved our goal of putting software-supported solutions in the spotlight, making them tangible and staging them in an eye-catching way. An important strategic pillar of our customers - "Digitalising Healthcare" - is thus optimally supported.

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