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Multichannel Training



When the agency makes itself superfluous

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Competence building

Working with an agency is fun, but it also costs time and money. Wouldn’t it be great if some frequently used agency services could just be done in-house?  

For our client AbbVie, it was all about the big topic of "omnichannel”: target and target group definition, content and campaign planning, wave planning, KPI measurement and reporting – the whole nine yards. To this end, we had created a series of workshops for an AbbVie product team, which other brand teams now wanted to use. The common goal: knowledge transfer across all brand teams.

Our approach

The first step was to hold training workshops. The second step was to enable all teams at AbbVie to conduct these training workshops themselves.

This required a "Train the trainer®" concept for each of the workshops, including an agenda, a to-do list, and plenty of materials (such as charts, posters, presentation cards, and additional resources for the participants). The result was an all-round carefree package for facilitators – enabling all project teams to understand omnichannel and to apply it themselves.

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The result

We created materials for a total of nine workshops on the various aspects of an omnichannel concept. The comprehensive training program helps spread existing knowledge throughout the entire organization – and makes us as an agency a little bit dispensable.

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