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Product launch advSM


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Product launch

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Customer acquisition

Have you ever heard of advanced systemic mastocytosis (advSM)? No? Then you are like most people. Because this form of cancer of the mast cells is one of the rare diseases. Our task: the market launch of a new product for advSM patients for our client Novartis.

Our approach

Based on a jointly developed positioning statement, we developed an integrated package of measures for the launch of a new product in the German market. In this context, it played an important role to create awareness among physicians for the often unknown disease and to provide patients with extensive information that was hardly available until now.

For a disease as rare as advSM, for which there is little experience and data, working together plays a crucial role. The basis of a successful launch is that all parties involved share their respective expert knowledge and link it in a structured way. For this reason, we developed the positioning together with physicians and marketing experts from Novartis in a series of three complementary workshop formats.

// Why we're proud //

The result

In addition to the successful market launch, which even exceeded expectations, we are particularly pleased that information material specifically for advSM patients is now available for the first time – in the form of a comprehensive website and a brochure. In addition, we were able to contribute to increasing awareness of the rare disease among referring physicians and primary care providers.

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