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Siemens Healthineers

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Internal training videos

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Competence building

In 2020, for the first ever virtual ECR Congress, Siemens Healthineers wanted their salespeople to be prepared to make virtual sales calls. As this is still foreign territory for many employees, Siemens enlisted our help to create internal training videos. The goal: help guide the sales personnel to navigate both technical and social etiquette when it comes to talking to customers online.

Our approach

The general perception of compulsory trainings are that they are not fun. Our team did not want to add another training to this ever-growing list. As the videos were only to be used internally, we had more freedom in terms of branding and content – and we used this to our advantage.

A one-minute excerpt from the training videos

Through modern post production, a lot of viral internet trends, and an easy going presenter, we were able to deliver a training that felt like watching a talk show host at work.

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

Besides a lot of irony & a lot of fun, the videos gave the sales representatives relevant information to move confidently and skillfully in the field of unfamiliar virtual sales conversations.

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