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Siemens Healthineers

Sprint to positioning and campaign

// Projektart //

Product launch

// Marketingziel //

Product differentiation

SOMATOM go. is a CT product family of Siemens Healthineers that has a unique mobile tablet operating concept. Our assignment was to design and implement an international launch campaign targeted at radiologists.

The basis of everything: the development of a communicative positioning for Siemens Healthineers. In communication, the focus should clearly be on the benefits for customers rather than on technical specifications.

Our approach

A joint Communication Story Sprint was the clear way to proceed. In five days, we had our positioning– one coordinated with all stakeholders (especially the decision makers). We saved our clients many coordination loops and had a convincing result that was ready for the next marketing measures.

Project results based on positioning:
The SOMATOM go. launch trailer, app, brochure

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

With courage and openness from everyone involved, we were able to break new ground together, creating a campaign that focused entirely on the needs of the target group. The result clearly differentiated itself from other campaigns and was highly recognizable.

COMPRIX Gold Award
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