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UroGenial Comics


Janssen Cilag

Crude comics for urologists

// Projektart //


// Marketingziel //

Customer retention

Urologists are a special target group. How do you get this male-dominated profession to stay in touch and watch a scientific and informative newsletter to the end?

Our approach

With crude humor of course. Perfectly implemented in a cartoon style, these comics were implemented as a "goodie" at the end of each newsletter and let's not forget the clever omnichannel concept involving the sales force.

// Darauf sind wir stolz //

The result

Our "UroGenial" cartoons quickly became a household name in urology circles and eventually were promoted by our clients to become an independent advertising format. The newsletter and the product portal behind it also benefited: through above-average click and open rates and through a significant increase in awareness.

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