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// Events and COVID-19 //

We virtualize

We virtualize
your event.

Are you currently facing the decision whether to cancel or virtually conduct your planned events?

Together we will make your virtual event a success

Carrying out an event digitally? Many people say: It's not possible! We say: Yes, it is! And it works surprisingly well, with many enthusiastic participants as a result.


Together we define the best format to achieve your goals. In our portfolio we have suitable solutions for different group sizes and a large selection of stable tools for every use-case.


When you think of virtual events, do you come across many hurdles that you're unsure how to overcome? We have a comprehensive set of methods which, with the right tools, also works well digitally.


We promote your event and prepare the participants in advance for the unknown, virtual situation. We are also at your side for the follow-up of the virtual event.


Together we develop a plan of action with you, advise you on running the event, or if desired, guide you and your participants throughout the day.

Technical support

Our technical specialists are always there for participants during your event, providing support on various channels such as live chat, video call, or by phone.

Our know-how

"Next" arrowDevelop and evaluate creative ideas in virtual meetings
Heiko Pröger

Develop and evaluate creative ideas in virtual meetings

Can you become creative in virtual meetings? For a long time, I lacked the tools and methods to do so. Today, there are a number of virtual tools that allow online creative processes and the results are impressive. In this article I present how we develop and evaluate ideas online.

"Next" arrowHow to host an advisory board well virtually
Uwe Spitzmüller

How to host an advisory board well virtually

Are you also currently faced with the decision of whether to cancel upcoming advisory boards or hold them "remotely"? The good news is that advisory boards can be held virtually. In this article, we share our experiences with you on how this works especially well.

"Next" arrowHow to virtualise a barcamp - 7 success factors

How to virtualise a barcamp - 7 success factors

Like so many companies these days, we were faced with the decision two weeks ago to cancel our annual Healthcare Marketing Barcamp or go virtual due to the current Corona situation. What sounds like the prototype of a physical meeting format quickly raises the question of whether virtualization can succeed.

"Next" arrowWhat the industry is talking about right now – an update from our virtual barcamp 2020
Uwe Spitzmüller

What the industry is talking about right now – an update from our virtual barcamp 2020

Year after year, our Healthcare Marketing Barcamp is an exciting insight into the topics that are currently occupying the healthcare industry*. In 2020, it's crystal clear: the challenges of virtualising business operations dominate.

Give it a try: Be it because external circumstances do not allow for face-to-face meetings, because you want to save yourself and the participants long travel times and costs or because you simply want to try something "different".

We are happy to advise you.

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BTW ...

Face-to-face events also benefit from digital tools

Siemens Healthineers aimed to present itself as a leading provider of digital solutions in healthcare at ECR 2019. Discover here how we used digital tools to turn the event into a digital experience.

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// Spirit Link //

Who we are

Spirit Link is the agency for holistic healthcare communication with a new way of working.

Together with our customers from the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries, we turn good ideas into intelligent communication.

Our customers include the leading companies AbbVie, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen-Cilag, Novartis and Siemens Healthineers.

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