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// What sets us apart //

We are the agency that increases success of RX Brand Teams.

We think


The healthcare marketing world is becoming increasingly complex. We are your thinking partners. With an understanding of you, your business and your strategy, we provide security and orientation in the marketing jungle. And a good basis for cooperation.

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  • Three other team members had long tenures in healthcare companies
  • 22 employees have a mini MBA in marketing
  • Three physicians and six scientists are permanently employed with us.
  • Wide range of experience due to 23 years of experience in healthcare marketing communication
  • 12 Comprix prizes (THE prize for creative healthcare communication in Germany)
  • Three out of four customers gave us an A for project outcome last year (52 Spirit Link customer reviews in 2022)
We deliver


The more creative the communication, the more effective. That's a fact. But can you be creative at all in the healthcare environment, with all the regulations? But yes. With an interdisciplinary team that understands your goals and loves fireworks of ideas.

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We drive forward

Project Management

A goal without a plan is just a wish. That's why a permanent project manager accompanies you in every project, from project start to project end. Our PM keeps all threads together and brings the project safely to the finish.

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  • Currently 13 project managers
  • 9 out of 10 customers gave our project management a perfect 1 last year (average grade 1.15).
  • 2023 one of the best employers among Germany's agencies, for the eleventh time in a row (GPTW)
  • Only 5% of our team changes per year - this ensures stable teams with a lot of experience

Team spirit

Good work can only come about through good cooperation. This applies to us, to you and to the project teams we form together. That's why we invest a lot in creating and maintaining working relationships that are worth experiencing

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What our customers say

The great project management has taken a lot of work off our shoulders, otherwise we would not have been able to realize the project in this size. Your team reliability and team stability is really great!
Multichannel Marketing Specialist Pharma,
11/2022, NPS 10
You think along well. You tell us when something is wrong. You don't have the "not my business" attitude.
Digital Lead Pharma, 12/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
Your project management is ALWAYS great. Many agencies underestimate project management. It's so extremely stressful for us when it doesn't work out.
Senior Product Manager PHARMA,
02/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
Your professionalism was evident from the first contact. You put a lot of thought into everything as a team. Spirit Link was the spider in the web, especially in the good cooperation with the other agencies.
03/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
My colleagues and I are impressed by how goal-oriented and structured the workshop was prepared. Despite the fact that you don't know the product and the company. Directly to CLM - you can't jump in at the deep end more than that!
08/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
"I think you guys have cool people. 'When the ego is gone, you can really work.' Good throughout. From the briefing to the end."
MarCom Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
Many innovative solutions from you. You think about what makes sense, that's great.
Product Manager Pharma,
03/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
Class intensive support. External vs. internal was not noticeable. It felt like you were part of our company because you also wanted to get the best possible result out of it. Thanks to the team! For us, this was a best practice example of how to drive omnichannel.
Product Manager Pharma,
11/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
The workshop gave the feeling of real togetherness. Tom did an excellent job of facilitating. He was charming and told jokes. It was exciting. It was fun. It was very entertaining.
08/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
"You guys ask questions that hurt too, but trigger a lot of good. Super precise and valuable. Coolly challenged."
Brand Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars

We are proud of …

First place

One of the best employers in Germany

in the 50 to 100 employees category at Great Place to Work® 2023.

Extremely low fluctuation

Only about 5% of our team changes per year. This ensures stable teams with a lot of experience.

High NPS

By comparison, we even have more promoters than Apple (time period: 2022, n = 67 project reviews).

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