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// What sets us apart //

Together with us you will achieve your goals.

We want to help you achieve your goals. That's why we consistently align our projects with them and work with you to achieve project success. The most important keys to this are:
Experience, creativity, top service and consistency.


Deep understanding of your business

We have been doing healthcare marketing communication for 22 years, many of our team members come from the industry, and six medical professionals are permanently employed with us. In short: we have a deep understanding of your business and offer real partnership-based consulting - at eye level.

Top service

Excellent project management

Our project managers "think for themselves", "drive the project forward", "keep to timelines" and the collaboration is "very pleasant". These quotes come from 67 project reviews in 2020. The average score for our project management: 1.31.


Relevant innovations & ideas

Our interdisciplinary team regularly develops new ideas with great pleasure, which help to realise your goals in the projects. The result: In the last 10 years, we have won the COMPRIX award for creative healthcare communication 12 times .


Sustainable relations

True partnership and mutual understanding can only develop over time. That is why we have been investing in our team for many years. The result: this year we were named the best employer among Germany's agencies by Great Place to Work® - for the ninth time in a row.

What our customers say

"Project manager, technical contact person, all colleagues: sympathetic, professional, helpful, fast, friendly, competent. That's what you wish for as a client."
Product Manager Pharma,
10/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"They have a genuine interest in the success of the project. You brought structure and also thought of details. We were able to rely on you completely."
Brand Manager Pharma,
11/2020, NPS 8
4 stars
"The sprints showed me how much you have up your sleeve regarding methods, and how well you use virtual tools. Impressive productivity. I took a lot with me. You guys were worth every dollar."
Head of Exhibitions Medical Technology,
07/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"Although requested at short notice, the main points stood very quickly through similar language and good questions."
Medical Marketing Manager Pharma,
05/2020, NPS 9
4.5 stars
"Dedicated staff on the project. Calm and charming way of dealing with clients. Very happy to have the whole team again for the next project."
Product Manager Pharma,
07/2020, NPS 9
4.5 stars
"I have the feeling that I am taken seriously as a client. Compared to other agencies, you also challenge the status quo at times."
Brand Team Pharma,
07/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"Thinking along on a level you don't get from other agencies and otherwise have to do yourself. Everyone involved has a great deal of technical knowledge and is a nice person. Everyone is thinking along to move the project forward."
Product Manager Pharma,
05/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"You guys ask questions that hurt too, but trigger a lot of good. Super precise and valuable. Coolly challenged."
Brand Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I have less work when I work with Spirit Link. I am well understood by you. It is very pleasant to work with you."
Medical Information Manager Pharma,
08/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I noticed that the project was close to your hearts. Working with you has helped me personally. This was by far the best project I've done since I've been with this company (3.5 years)."
MarCom Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"You did a super job managing the five partner agencies and departments. It's great that it went so smoothly."
MarCom Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"Worlds better than the big agencies in terms of agility, creativity, and team quality. They are the only agency that really wants feedback and takes it."
Brand Director Pharma,
02/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I feel like the Spirit Link team is intrinsically motivated on Outcome. Thanks to shared goal setting, this relative blind project went really well."
MarCom Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I think you guys have cool people. 'When the ego is gone, you can really work.' Good throughout. From the briefing to the end."
MarCom Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
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We are proud ofthis

First place

Best employer in Germany

in the 50 to 100 employees category at Great Place to Work® 2020.

Extremely low fluctuation

Only about 5% of our team changes per year. This ensures stable teams with a lot of experience.

High NPS

For comparison: We even have more promoters than Apple (period: 2020, n = 67 project reviews).

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