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Achieving goals.

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High-quality healthcare marketing communication 
is best created together

The unique relationship with you, our clients, is most essential to obtain powerful project results as well as happy team members. As an agency, we want to create a community that is driven by ...






guidance at
eye level

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Good healthcare marketing communications
must achieve goals today

Your goals are pivotal to us, from clarification of the assignment to project management. For us as an agency, the central question is how to use your budget most sensibly. Because one thing is clear: good MarCom is not a cost centre, but a worthwhile investment.

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What's moving us at the moment

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We virtualize your event

Are you thinking about cancelling your scheduled events or going virtual?

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We help in the Veeva world

As a certified Veeva partner, we are happy to create strategies, concepts, and content that will ensure that your sales force no longer wants to miss out on the new digital world.

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Who trusts us

Our customers

What our customers say

"The sprints showed me how much you have up your sleeve regarding methods, and how well you use virtual tools. Impressive productivity. I took a lot with me. You guys were worth every dollar."
Head of Exhibitions Medical Technology,
07/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"Thinking along on a level you don't get from other agencies and otherwise have to do yourself. Everyone involved has a great deal of technical knowledge and is a nice person. Everyone is thinking along to move the project forward."
Product Manager Pharma,
05/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I have less work when I work with Spirit Link. I am well understood by you. It is very pleasant to work with you."
Medical Information Manager Pharma,
08/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I noticed that you cared about the project. Working with you has helped me personally. This was by far the most enjoyable project since I've been with this company (3.5 years)."
MarCom Manager Medical Technology,
03/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"Worlds better than the big agencies in terms of agility, creativity, and team quality. They are the only agency that really wants feedback and takes it."
Brand Director Pharma,
02/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I think you guys have cool people. 'When the ego is gone, you can really work.' Consistently good. From the briefing to the end."
MarCom Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"The product has turned out great. It's now being adapted by other countries because it's so good. Creatively very good. All timelines have been kept."
Brand Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"We've gotten feedback from the sales force, 'We've never seen e-detailing this good. We don't need to test this with doctors.'"
Product Manager Pharma,
05/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
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What we are happy about



Award for creative healthcare communication.

First place

Best employer in Germany

in the 50 to 100 employees category at Great Place to Work® 2020.

High NPS

For reference, we even do have more promoters than Apple (period Q3/2019–Q2/2020,
n = 53 project reviews).

We are

... marketing consultants, medical professionals, creatives, digital experts, and project managers.

But above all, we are one thing: a well-coordinated and experienced team, with low turnover and high regard for our workplace community.

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Stefan Rhein
Carola Klinkhammer
Sonja Landgraf
Christine D'Antona
Juliane Albert
Michaela Hell
Isabelle Hanauer-Scharpenack
Christian Meyer
Ralf Pfau
Hajo Hoffmann
Katharina Obergruber-Proske
Gunther Tutein
Anika Preiser
Christina Pandya
Uwe Spitzmüller
Susanne Rödel
Sebastian Beck
Marco Erlwein
Bastian Reinlein
Elisabeth Bergauer
Michaela Schwestka
Christine Lehmeyer
Susanne Grabosch
Karin Tröger
Jaqueline Großmann
Heiko Pröger
Lisa-Maria Stümpel
Stefanie Niederer

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