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We are currently finalizing a product launch for a very small subgroup of prostate cancer.

June 2024

We advise a manufacturer of preparations for rare diseases.

May 2024

Omnichannel is not a measure but a strategy.

April 2024

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I think it's great to see how you get involved in the projects as a team, as if you were part of our company. That's great!
Product Manager Pharma,
02/2023, NPS 10
We often come up with topics at short notice, but you still retain flexibility and enthusiasm. The quality of the content is at a high level.
Global Marketing & Communications Manager,
08/2023, NPS 9
4.5 stars
Class intensive support. External vs. internal was not noticeable. It felt like you were part of our company because you also wanted to get the best possible result out of it. Thanks to the team! For us, this was a best practice example of how to drive omnichannel.
Product Manager Pharma,
11/2022, NPS 10
I really like the fact that you are not just an implementation agency. So far, I've had to go through everything in detail because other agencies lack strategic insight. I don't have that feeling with you. You are very good sparring partners and also provide your own input. One has the feeling that there are additional marketing colleagues who think and work with us. We meet at eye level. Great ideas. Creativity is great. It's really fun.
Brand Manager Pharma, 10/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
In all the projects I do with Spirit Link, structure and clarity of purpose prevail!
09/2021, NPS 9.5
4.5 stars
The great project management has taken a lot of work off our shoulders, otherwise we would not have been able to realize the project in this size. Your team reliability and team stability is really great!
Multichannel Marketing Specialist, 11/2022, NPS 10
5 stars
You are insanely structured. Project management at its best. Nothing gets lost, nothing is left in the air, and it's always clear who's doing what. That's also very good for such large teams.
Product Manager Pharma, 3/2022, NPS 8
4 stars
Your professionalism was evident from the first contact. You put a lot of thought into everything as a team. Spirit Link was the spider in the web, especially in the good cooperation with the other agencies.
03/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
It's great that you're getting involved medically, professionally and representing a point of view. Kudos to your medical colleagues: Pointing things out to us is not a matter of course for us. We don't know this from other agencies.
Medical Knowledge Management Pharma,
10/2022, NPS 9
4.5 stars
You always proactively introduced new ideas - the concepts were well prepared and prepared. The basis for discussion was also always already there and visually already tangible. You are maximally flexible and proactive!
Marketing Manager Pharma,
05/2022, NPS 10
5 stars

What we are happy about



Award for creative healthcare communication.

One of the best employers in Germany

in the 50 to 100 employees category at Great Place to Work® 2024.


by EcoVadis

High recommendation (NPS)

(period: 2023, n = 82 project reviews).

We are ...

... marketing consultants, medical professionals, creatives, digital experts and project managers.
But above all, we are one thing: a well-coordinated and experienced team with low turnover and a lot of fun working together.

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Johanna Zocher
Patrick Neubert
Heiko Pröger
Ralf Pfau
Susanne Rödel
Christine D'Antona
Emily Ibler
Michaela Hell
Thomas Maurer
Anna Hofer
Michaela Schwestka
Johanna Kaindl
Jana Reichelt
Sebastian Millen
Jasmin Lissek
Anika Preiser
Katharina Steiner
Dominik Franzrahe
Sophia Bach
Markus Hanauer
Sophia Wenzel
Stefan Rhein
Torsten Gräßler
Jaqueline Eibert
Marian Urbanczyk
Christian Meyer
Isabell Armstark
Rebecca Hoffmann

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