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This is typical Spirit Link.

We help you market your product using the tools of marketing communications. Typically, we work for prescription pharmaceutical drugs and complex medical technology products.

Typical project types

Product launches
Medical communication
Sales support

Typical services

Communicative positioning
Target group surveys
Creative concept
Marketing strategy and communication strategy
Editorial work and content creation
Campaign implementation and execution
Sales support measures
Event conception and moderation

Typical target groups

Typical marketing objectives

We typically assist our clients in achieving these marketing goals.

Product differentiation

Differentiate your product or service from the competition through a strong positioning and clear messaging

Customer acquisition

Visibility in the market for you and your portfolio and acquisition of new leads through omnichannel campaigns

Customer retention

Deepen relationships with your existing customers by offering relevant content and services

Contact efficiency

Optimization of personal contacts with your customers, whether online or offline, at trade fairs, congresses, or field visits

Competence building

Building knowledge in your team on all topics related to healthcare, marketing, and communications

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The online course for brand managers

Do you want to introduce omnichannel communication for your product? Our course gives you confidence in the topic and orientation for everyday life.

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We help in the Veeva world

As a certified Veeva partner, we are happy to create strategies, concepts, and content that will ensure that your sales force no longer wants to miss out on the new digital world.

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Typical customers

We work exclusively for companies in the healthcare industry, most frequently for medical technology sector and for the pharmaceutical Rx drugs sector.

Our customers

What our customers say

I had the feeling that our idea reached you very quickly. With that, target-oriented questions were then asked, so that the support could be chosen well.
Commercial Associate Pharma,
01/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
I have achieved what I wanted to achieve with you. You listen extremely well and understand the client's needs. That is the key to working out the goals. I felt very comfortable with you. A lot of trust quickly developed.
04/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
"Your creativity is good for me. You have led us to a very good solution. You think along with us! Your solutions are actionable! There are many compliments to me internally."
Product Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 9
4.5 stars
In all the projects I do with Spirit Link, structure and clarity of purpose prevail!
09/2021, NPS 9.5
4.5 stars
"The product has turned out great. Is now being adapted by other countries because it's so good. Creatively very good. All timelines were kept."
Brand Manager Pharma,
09/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"We've gotten feedback from the sales force, 'We've never seen e-detailing this good. We don't need to test this with doctors.'"
Product Manager Pharma,
05/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"I'm really proud of the project, was mega fun, a highlight in 10 years at this company."
Communications Manager Medical Technology,
08/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
My colleagues and I are impressed by how goal-oriented and structured the workshop was prepared. Despite the fact that you don't know the product and the company. Directly to CLM - you can't jump in at the deep end more than that!
08/2021, NPS 10
5 stars
"A nice project all around. Very good ratio of effort to result. Quite round process with very few hiccups."
MarCom Manager Medical Technology,
04/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
"There is nothing you need to improve. After all, I know the other agencies and always wish I worked with Spirit Link."
Brand Manager Pharma,
02/2020, NPS 10
5 stars
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