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We make projects that increase success.

And we can prove it: three out of four customers gave us an A for the project result in 2022. However, we also sometimes have to struggle with approvals and unfortunately cannot show all projects. We provide additional insight with our RX ticker.

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June 2024
Ralf Pfau

We are currently finalizing a product launch for a very small subgroup of prostate cancer, whose approval in the launch market differs from other countries. Of course, a launch campaign that differs from the market as a whole has to be developed on a low budget due to the small target group.

Thanks to pragmatic decisions and very efficient collaboration with the brand manager, the entire messaging and all materials from folders, mailings and dosage cards to dispensing cards were developed within a relatively small budget. Even an overview of therapy options and personalized launch videos for the sales force were included. Close collaboration can achieve a lot.

May 2024
Heiko Pröger

We are currently advising a manufacturer of preparations for rare diseases. Some of these drugs have fewer than one hundred patients in Germany. The number of prescribing doctors is correspondingly low. This poses its own unique challenges for marketing communication.

Depending on the medication, a distinction is made between specialists (the doctors who know the disease and prescribe medication) and potential referring physicians, such as general practitioners. These need to be sensitized to the symptoms of the rare disease so that new patients can be found. These patients often have a long odyssey through the healthcare system behind them.

April 2024
Uwe Spitzmüller

Omnichannel is not a measure but a strategy. I am convinced of this and we are currently trying to establish this mindset in the organization of one of our pharmaceutical customers. We are taking an iterative and agile approach.

First, we clarify the customer's initial situation and formulate appealing target images, then together we highlight where there are gaps between actual and target before finally deciding on measures and plans to help our customer move forward. For a shared omnichannel mindset, for more effective communication.

February 2024
Sebastian Millen

Oncological preparations play a major role for us. This is because oncology is the area of medicine that is being researched most intensively by pharmaceutical companies. I am currently working on a preparation that is used as a treatment option for a certain type of bone marrow cancer.

Patients who previously only had six months to live now live an average of almost 20 months with a new treatment. So far, we have produced launch materials and patient materials.

January 2024
Katharina Obergruber-Proske

Because even Rx brands with several marketing authorizations cannot rest on their laurels, we carried out a comprehensive strategic realignment and repositioning of the product umbrella brand for one of our clients this year.

Our aim was for the individual indication teams to speak to the target group with "one voice", for the brand to have a more uniform appearance and thus be even more present and stronger in the market than it already is.

December 2023
Patrick Neubert

It is always a pleasure to bring innovative treatment options to the market and thus improve the care situation. For two years now, we have been working for one of the leading providers of CAR-T cell therapies, a novel treatment option for advanced bone marrow cancer.

For the brand teams in Germany and Switzerland, we support the medical and commercial launch by creating messaging, advertisements, websites, sales materials, RMP materials, e-details and AR apps.

September 2023
Sonja Landgraf

It's always amazing what you can achieve in a week's work. We summarized all the exciting results of a breast cancer congress for a pharmaceutical client in 5 days, in one-pagers, backgrounders and powerpoints for the sales force.

Several members of our nine-strong medical team were at the start and summarized everything in close coordination with the customers. Sprinting to the finish.

August 2023
Anne Gora

We officially work for the nicest customers in the world. So let's put it this way. Always fun, creatively interested, cooperative, open, constructive - that's our relationship with the Munich Brand Team, which is involved in the field of blood cancer (MZL, CLL and MW).

The product we work for also has good study data, so we are in a good mood and make the world a little bit better. Working in the healthcare agency at its best.

July 2023
Christine Lehmeyer

Slowly running out of email space... A large team of us is currently helping one of our pharmaceutical clients promote a particular form of precision nuclear medicine in German-speaking countries.

We support a large brand team (medical and commercial) on the client side in the communication to HCPs and patients and in several oncological indications. The weekly status report, which lists all subprojects in bullet points, is now three pages long!

June 2023
Julie Barmentloo

For a Munich-based pharmaceutical manufacturer, we conduct a 3-hour digital advisory board with connected speakers and participants in May.

To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, Spirit Link supports the Brand Team in the preparation, execution and follow-up of the appointment.

May 2023
Rebecca Hoffmann

Hello! We are looking after a product for the treatment of patients with multiple myeloma for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Switzerland.

Some of the upcoming projects include the design of print mailings, the creation of materials for trade events, advertisements and the updating of existing materials based on new data. Our common goal: to increase awareness of the product in the Swiss market.

April 2023
Uwe Spitzmüller

Since the beginning of the year, we have been supporting a young American pharmaceutical company in the preparation of its first product in Germany. We are working for a rare disease in neurology.

The aim is to publicize the company, generate awareness for the rare disease and, of course, pre-launch measures to prepare the market for the new product. Challenge accepted!

March 2023
Anne Gora

We are privileged to serve a brand team of an Asian pharmaceutical manufacturer in hematology throughout the year.

Upcoming this year: Completion of the master slide deck, creation of a briefing document for journalists, creation of a claims library, customization of the slide deck for physicians:interns and nurses, creation of 5 study one-pagers, support of a project for the target group onco-nurses, creation of a wall calendar, ... a great package!

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