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Q&A session on November 23, 2023

MasterclassPharma Omnichannel

The continuing education for pharma brand managers

"A fully comprehensive look from strategy to implementation ..."

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April - June 2024
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7 video learning modules published weekly

4 live Q&A sessions that are also recorded

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Uwe Spitzmüller is a partner at Spirit Link and has been advising pharmaceutical companies on the introduction and implementation of omnichannel strategies for over 15 years. He knows exactly which of the current omnichannel concepts really work and which do not pass the everyday test.

This omnichannel content awaits you


Theory & Practice

The Omnichannel Idea in Theory and 11 Success Factors for Practice


The path from brand strategy to concrete omnichannel concept

Typical strategies

Typical pharma communication tasks and how they are implemented with omnichannel approaches


The technical tools of the trade that are really needed

Content & Budget

Create content efficiently with the content plan


Organize the team so that all cogs mesh well together

Success measurement

Define goals, measure success and contribute to business success

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The next Masterclass runs from April-June 2024

899,00 € + VAT

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What previous participants have to say

The course is designed to be entertaining, despite longer duration. Very relevant content. Very clear recommendations for action. I have never heard what omnichannel is - especially in pharma - in such a clear and understandable way.
Head of Commercial
5 stars
The content is presented in a very professional yet relaxed manner. I like the way the course is divided into modules that build on each other.  
Senior Associate
4.5 stars
For employees who are new to pharmaceutical marketing, I think the course is brilliant.
Manager Customer Relations
5 stars
I liked the comprehensive view of the topic from strategy to implementation. The toolkits and the prepared materials for download were also good.
Omnichannel Manager
4.5 stars
A good course structure. I liked the short summary at the beginning of each session. Uwe led very well through the course - it was easy to follow. The additional material and the literature tips are very valuable.
Medical Process Excellence Specialist
5 stars
The structure of the course is good. The support materials are extremely practical and helpful, and can be integrated into daily business.
Senior Product Manager
5 stars
The option of personal exchange in the Q&A sessions is extremely valuable.
Product Manager
5 stars
Super base! ... even for someone who has been dealing with the topic for a long time, there are good reminders and food for thought, so as not to forget basic things.
Senior Product Manager
4.5 stars

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Masterclass Pharma Omnichannel

Unfortunately, registration is not yet open. If you are interested in a package offer for your team or would like to pre-register for the next course, please contact us:

Unfortunately, registration for the current course is closed. The next Masterclass is scheduled to start in spring 2024. If you are interested in a package deal for your team or would like to pre-register for the next course, please contact us:

The next course runs from April 2024 and costs € 899.00 + VAT per participant:in. If you are interested in a package deal for your team (five or more people), please contact us:

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About Omnichannel

Omnichannel communication is about playing out the right messages at the right time to the right target groups in order to achieve communication goals. In the pharmaceutical industry, this communication strategy has been used for many years, even though it may have been called something else in the past (e.g., multichannel).

About Spirit Link

Spirit Link is one of the leading agencies for healthcare marketing communications in Germany. With over 60 experts, we have been advising companies on the introduction and implementation of omnichannel communication for more than 20 years. Here you can find information about our other services, our team and project examples.

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